My X-rays

The cause of the knee pain is pretty obvious. My knees look pretty healthy which is great news. But the last X-ray shows that my kneecap is off track. The tighter my quad and IT band get the more it pulls off center. Easy solution. Stretch, roll out, and strengthen the muscles that pull it back in place. Good as new in 2-4 months.


The shoulder is a different story. The doctor pointed out a bone spur. It was obvious at the time but I don’t see it anymore. I’ll have to ask again. I have an appointment for arthrogram MRI on Monday. They inject dye into it to see if anything is torn. Don’t know anything for sure but my new doctor is suspecting I may have both the bone spur and a labral tear. The MRI is on Monday and the follow up will be a few days later. (Sigh).


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