New Year’s Eve

DSC01254 Yesterday morning I made a new batch of cookies to redeem myself for Thursday. Then Todd and I conquered Big Brother before heading to my dad’s house for a pizza bake off. Originally we were going to have it at my uncle Edward’s house with everyone. But with 25-30 people coming and only one oven they decided to have us come over AFTER dinner instead. So my sister and I went to my dad’s and had one of our own. Gayle made a meat pizza with Italian sausage and ham that reminded me of the way my Mom used to make pizzas. I found a recipe for pizza that took 2nd in a Best Pizza In The World competition in Italy and bested Bobby Flay in a ‘Throwdown with Bobby Flay’. It came out great! My sister brought a Nick-N-Willy’s pepperoni to make sure her kids had food they would actually eat. Yum. I think I might do the same thing with my college buddies for our annual reunion in March. _DSC0119_2After pizza we headed to Uncle Edward’s for treats and beer and hot apple cider. We listened to the Miller Family’s amazing musical talents as always, one of Grandma’s favorite things. Then played Pictionary which was actually a riot with that many people. Some of the simplest ones were the most challenging. How do you draw a hole? Hehe. Here is Grandma trying to draw an olive: _DSC0171

And in the final moments of 2010 we completely trashed their house with confetti to bring in the New Year.

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