30-Day No Sugar Challenge Is On!

The rumor that my gym is having a 30-Day No Sugar Challenge was true. And they decided to make it interesting. To participate, you have to bet $100. If you make it, you get your money back. If you don’t your money is dispersed among the people who did. The rules are simple. No added sugar or sugar substitutes of any kind (honey, syrups, agave, Spenda, etc) and no alcohol. Naturally occurring sugar in stuff like fruit and milk is allowed. But if the nutrition label includes any type of sweetener or alcohol in the ingredients, it is out. Officially the 30 days starts today but I started Saturday. After many restless nights and feeling terrible during several workouts over the past month or so I couldn’t wait. If I can manage 30 days I can manage 32. I normally don’t go through a whole day without sweeteners of some kind but I think putting up the cash will keep me from going into auto pilot.

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