Over the weekend

The weekend had everything I could have hoped for. Laughter, adventure, relaxation, a little shopping and a lot of fun. Friday night we went to dinner at The Yardhouse in downtown Denver and then went to see the rant comedian Lewis Black.


On Saturday we went mountain biking at Picture Rock near Lyons. Made a new friend.


After eating lunch at Oscar Blues we went to La Bellezza Spa located at a small winery. We spent an hour or so hanging around their gorgeous property testing their wines. We soaked in their hot tub for a little while and then enjoyed some very good massages. We ended up chatting with the therapists for about an hour afterward. Guess we just didn’t want to leave.

DSC01369Finally we had some Mexican food for dinner. Todd told the waiters it was my birthday so of course they put a sombrero on me and sang. Surprisingly funny after 5 glasses of wine and a couple margaritas. Haha. I had a Gummy Bear Margarita. It really has gummy bears floating in it! So good.


On Sunday we went shopping, had Asian cuisine at TQ Asian Bistro by our house, and then came home and watched 127 Hours. Pretty intense. Then yesterday we went to Blackhawk. The original idea was to play blackjack but after the dealer got four 21s and seven 20s in a row we abandoned that and played the goofy penny slots instead. Never been a fan of the slot machines before but we had a blast without spending much. What a nice weekend!

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