Paleo Progress

scale So I finally overturned the backslide I had in April after the photo shoot. (I was so thrilled it was over I was eating brownies in the car on the way home). Now I have managed to stay away from the junk food for almost 2 weeks. Interestingly on this Paleo Diet I have gained 2 more pounds. I have been eating way too much fruit and too many nuts so that could be the reason for the gain. But I have been told not to worry about pounds and notice instead how my clothes fit, how I feel, and my performance. I am not sure my brain can process what it means not to measure the success of a diet by my weight. Now that I am eating the right foods again, regardless of whether I can figure out how to stop worrying about gains and losses, I do still need to pay attention to getting the right balance.


  1. Amy Said,

    May 15, 2010 @ 10:33 am

    Karen, the biggest insight for me with Paleo, and what helped me stick with it over the long term and see good results, was to focus on enjoying it. It helps to think about all the good foods that are allowed and structure your meals around foods you really love. If what you love is something that’s really high in carbs, like fruit, and you’re trying to go lower carb, just have less of it or go with the lower density fruits like cantaloupe or berries. Try not to think of it as a diet, think of it as reprogramming your brain about what good food is. I also get a bit focused on the scale, it’s so easy to do. Just stay positive!

    Oh, and experiment with it. Try higher carb, lower carb, higher fat, lower fat, different proteins, seasonal eating, lots of variety. There are many different interpretations of Paleo – I think you have to play with it to find what’s right for you, what’s sustainable and makes you happy.

  2. Karen Said,

    May 15, 2010 @ 6:07 pm

    Thanks Amy! I am having a GREAT day today after the discussion we had yesterday about not going so crazy with the fruit and nuts and just watching the carbs as opposed to messing so much with the zone blocks.

    Yes that will be very helpful to think of it as learning to enjoy the healthy foods I like in new and better ways for the long term as opposed to restricting myself until I reach a finite goal. That will be a better frame of mind to be in than I was earlier this year.

    I do like all the healthier food just as much. If I was eating all fruit or even junk food all the time I would be just as likely to crave salad. I think the websites with all the yummy recipes will help with the variety too. Thanks so much for all your help!

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