Poor Kitties

DSCN2070 Both of my cats have a disease where their body attacks their teeth enamel and eats them from the inside out. I guess it is incredibly painful. Buddy had a couple extracted yesterday and came home all doped up. He kept squinting at me with only one eye open and stumbling into the walls like an old drunk. I think he is okay now but still pretty miserable.

I still managed to make it to volleyball. My team won the first three games and were battling it out in the fourth with time running out when a guy on the other side protested a call. It was a real downer in the middle of what was otherwise a great match to be forced to listen to the scientific reason why the way the sand looks proves a hit was in. After a bit of frustration we replayed the point but went on to lose the game when time ran out. But it felt more like losing an argument than losing a game. Too bad. They are one of the more fun teams to compete against. It reminded me, though, that you can’t let the actions of others take the wind out of your sails.

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