Resolution 4: Fitness – Unknown

couch_potatoNotice there has been no mention of fitness. By this time I usually have plans to compete in one ridiculous event or another and have already been active 6-8 hours. But I have not done anything since November 18th – almost 7 weeks.

That was the day I decided I was done pushing through the pain in my shoulder and knee. Training on these injuries this past year has done no earthly good. It has caused me to stop playing volleyball, stop running, stop mountain biking, and give up on the idea of doing a triathlon. The ability to do CrossFit workouts started slipping away as well. So I called it.

Timing could not be worse. The CrossFit Open starts in less than two months. In the fall, I was completely charged up for it. Team MBS is on track to get to the Games in California this year and I would love to have trained my butt off to try to gain a spot on it again. But it is not meant to be for me this year. [Sad face].

So the theme, for this month at least, is to do whatever it takes to heal. I have an appointment at Boulder Orthopedics on Monday. So we’ll see what they say.

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