Results are in…

armAs it turns out, according to my MRI, I am hurt. I have about a 70% tear in a tendon that runs across the front of my shoulder, a few bone spurs, and possibly (but hopefully not) a minor rotator cuff tear. I don’t consider it bad news. Bad news would have been the doctor telling me I am NOT hurt. Umm, then what… In this case they know what is wrong and can fix it so it won’t hurt anymore. Great! Sign me up!

I’m not waiting. Surgery is scheduled for Monday. Like I said earlier, I’d rather just jump off the cliff than stand on the edge staring down at the water. The surgery is pretty minor, not very invasive and recovery time will depend on what else they find wrong in there. Anywhere from 2-6 months. This dumb shoulder has been giving me trouble off and on for 5 or 6 years so a few months is nothing if it stops hurting at the end. If anything, congratulations are in order. Smile

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