Results Week: After Photo News.

This week I am finally going to share the results of my 12 week challenge. Gulp… I also have permission to post one of my after pictures. Don’t get too excited. It will NOT be a full body bikini shot. Those are reserved for the judges. It will be a partial in a sports bra and shorts and may be in black and white. And since I find it EXTREMELY embarrassing, for whatever reason, it might only be posted for a single day. That day will be this coming Thursday. I just need a few days to work up the courage. Yikes.

Here is the picture of the CrossFit team. From left to right:

Me – the one standing like my back is broken. I am sooo sore.
Lucinda – the one who killed us on wall balls.
Roseanne – she can do 100 pull ups in under 6 minutes.
Tim – the owner and our trainer.
Steve – a major stud I had not met before Saturday.
Brad – professional kayaker who works out with me and the early crew.
Notice on the board behind us Brad was 1st in every event – by a lot.


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