Results Week: The Fitness Goals

karensback Below are the results of my fitness goals outside of just generally getting in better shape. I definitely met that overall goal – mostly by playing volleyball incessantly. Again, an after photo will be posted tomorrow. I guess the picture to the left there is kind of a preview. Yeah, that’s me.

Pull-ups (dead hang)
Goal: 10 consecutive
Starting: about 1.5
Today: 8
Note: I was really close but didn’t quite make it all the way to 10. For my next round one of my goals will be to get 12.

Push-ups (military)
Goal: 25
Starting: 5
Today: 26
Note: Got that one! They never seemed to get any easier. Just the capacity increases. The next round will to include a goal about burpees instead of pushups because mine are really slow and very ugly:

Run a 5k
Goal: 7:30 per mile
Starting: In January I ran as fast as I could in the cold at 8:45s.
Today: No idea
Note: This goal fell by the wayside when I realized that for the weight loss goal I was getting better results from the hiking. However for the CrossFit training I will be doing miles of sprints so this goal is going to resurface for sure.

Sit-ups: It was not a goal, per say, but I also did over 6000 sit ups in those first 12 weeks. In the next round I will have a goal to get better at toe to bars. This girl starts with a demonstration of knee to elbows. You can see toes to bars at 1:03. Be sure to watch the freakish guy at 2:00 demonstrating windshield wipers:

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