Road Trip Day 3: Pagosa Springs

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sleeping in was really nice. My uncle gave us two nights in the time share of our choice as a wedding present (two years ago) so are finally using it in Pagosa Springs. We are in a large condo with a full kitchen, two person Jacuzzi tub, and another awesome view of the snow capped peaks. In town we found a nice looking little cafe called Victoria’s Parlor. I had half of an eggs Florentine and Todd had a Belgian waffle. Yum! Great food, great atmosphere, great service. What a relaxing morning.

_DSC1827_cropped After breakfast we took a beautiful drive followed by a 6 mile hike round trip. On the way we saw dozens of robins and a few woodpeckers. One of them let Todd walk up real close to get video. It is a little early for the wildflowers but the Spring runoff was unbelievable. The big payoff at the end was Fourmile Falls, a gorgeous double waterfall totaling a drop of nearly 300 feet. You cannot tell by this picture but we are still a long way from those falls. The tiny white sliver to the left of the falls is huge and very steep frozen snow bank. The highlight was probably climbed up that thing to sit behind the gushing falls. Not so much fun was falling on my butt twice on the way back down. Ouch!

In the evening we sat in the hot springs. They just built a new upper level for guests only. We snuck in and spent most of the time in 107 degree pool overlooking the river and the rest of the resort. Todd dipped into an 111 degree pool but that was too hot for me. I finally got up the nerve to dip quickly into a 110 one by the river before we were just too tired to stay awake anymore and headed back.

Vacation Workout 3:
10 rounds:
30 second handstand
30 seconds holding an overhead squat
No rest

Again I used a towel in place of a PVC pipe. The sit-ups from yesterday didn’t do much for me so today I added 4 x 25 of the kind where you do a sit-up and legs lift at the same time. Better but still need to find something harder.

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