Road Trip Day 8: Telluride II: Our Anniversary

Today is our 2nd anniversary. We wanted it to be memorable. Since we kept hearing how high the water level would be we were easily talked into signing up for a half day of white water rafting. The water would be higher and faster than yesterday and start tapering off tomorrow. This specific day would see record high water levels and speeds for the past 50 years. Our guide was hilarious. More importantly he had been a raft guide in Telluride for 27 years. He took us down several stretches of river that had never been done. We slammed into dozens of waves that hit well over our heads on the 14 mile stretch of river. Total blast.

After rafting we enjoyed a nice long massage. The girl dug her elbows into my shoulder blades. I refused to cry out so she kept digging harder and harder. Doesn’t that sound nice? Most of it was very relaxing and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But if you ever just want a relaxing massage, when they ask if you have any sore muscles they should specifically focus on just say no.

We finished the day at the most amazing restaurant called The Cosmopolitan. We have eaten there many times and even had our rehearsal dinner there. Every time we ended up having the same waiter, Jaime. Unfortunately, Jaime had the night off but it didn’t matter. The food was as unbelievable as always.

Vacation Workout 8: Another day off CrossFit WODs but the rafting was plenty.

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