Sourdough Trail

We slept in today but still managed to get out for a ridiculous ride up Sourdough Trail. It does not have really steep climbs or major technical sections. What made it difficult is the steady uphill climb to 10,200 feet. So much less air up there. Great trail except that it gave me a big middle finger right at the top. Something caught the valve stem on my back tire and broke it right off. When we tried to put the spare tire on, the tip of the valve on the spare broke off too. So after all that work getting up to the top we didn’t get to ride it back down. Had to hitch a ride back to the car. Can’t complain though. The day could have been a lot worse. They were turning people around at the ranger station by Brainard Lake because a guy fell of Pawnee Peak. I heard someone tell the ranger they could still hear somebody screaming when they left their campsite. Sad. Hope he is okay.

Anyway, all that uphill is for the birds. I want to learn how to do this:

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