Strength to Weakness

My little bit extra yesterday was box jumps. In our workouts we typically use a 20” box and which has posed no trouble for me. I usually look forward to them. But during one of our team workouts this past weekend we were required to use a 24” box and I was unpleasantly surprised how much the added height affected me. Here is a demonstration by me of how never to do a box jump:

boxjumpI barely even made it up there. As it turned out the 20” box had gotten so routine that I had pretty much stopped using my arms and was just bounding with my ankles and calves which did not work at all on the higher box. I wasn’t jumping upright either. Look how I landed on the box completely hunched over. Total mess. Way more work than if I had just stayed upright and swung my arms a little. So yesterday’s addition to the normal class was a few sets of 10 box jumps on the 24” box. The lesson here is that I need to be careful not to focus so much on my weaknesses that I neglect my strengths. Like all things I guess it is about finding a balance.

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