Tactical Strength Challenge

SeanThis morning was the Tactical Strength Challenge over at Front Range CrossFit. Only 3 events. The first was dead lift. Only 3 of us represented our gym today but all 3 of us hit a personal best on dead lift. Me at 265#, Elizabeth at 275#, and Sean at 380#. Great start to the day.

Next was dead hang pull ups. During the first week of this blog I set a goal of being able to do 10 dead hang pull ups. At the time I could barely do 1 and had to kick my feet to get a second. See post. I worked up to 7 during the first couple months but then stopped doing them altogether. So today I decided I would be happy with 7 but would shoot for 8. Elizabeth said she would be happy with 10 but I told her to fight for 11 since everyone shoots for a nice round number like 10. Well guess what? Elizabeth got 11. And guess what else? I got 11 too! I have no idea where it came from but I am happy to say I have finally met that goal. Sean’s goal was 30 and he got 29. We do not yet know how we finished but that number would have put Sean in the top 3 for the same event back in April. Extremely impressive.

Finally we did the 5 minute kettle bell snatch test. Ouch. Elizabeth’s original goal was 100 reps but at the last minute she set her sights higher ended up with 117. With her other two events she will definitely be near the top. I had done this before and got 120 so I was thinking 125. But the girl who went before me proved to be really good at them and got 129. So I had a number to beat. It wasn’t nearly as pretty as hers but I got 136. I ripped my hand for the first time during that last minute but it was totally worth it. Sean, on the other hand, did about 2 kettle bell snatches before his earlier 400# dead lift attempt caught up with him and his back seized up. It would have been great to see what he was capable of after doing so well in the first two events. And it really sucks to be so highly motivated and then suddenly get injured and stuck waiting around for recovery. Luckily, he is a tough guy and is certain to recover quickly. And once he does he will have no shortage of opportunities to show what he is made of.

Results will not be posted until Sept 25th.

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