Taking care of goal #2

Day: 7
Weigh-in: 139.5

Muscleup Back under 140. Yes! Just need to stay consistent to cut out that last 5 or so.

My secondary fitness goal of getting a muscle up this month is well under way. The plan is to focus on gaining a little more strength in my arms. So far that is being taken care of by the workouts at MBS CrossFit. This week I have done 170 kipping pull ups, 80 push ups, 50 ring dips, and lifted almost 15,000 pounds over my head. On Tuesday my arms were so sore I could barely lift them up. Yesterday I went past soreness into total failure. Today I don’t even know anymore. We are going again in a couple hours though so I guess we’ll find out.

One thing I haven’t done in a month or so is to actually attempt a muscle up. That might eventually be a good idea. While it is fun preparing to reach a goal it would be easy to get stuck in that state for another 6 months. Have to remember to keep trying them regularly no matter how frustrating it is certain to be.

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