taxes Finally finished our taxes. Ugh I hate them. It is like doing really confusing homework for a required class that you dislike in the first place. The government can probably figure out what I eat for breakfast so I think it’s lame that I still have to write down how much money I make and send it to them like they don’t already know. Maybe in future times employers, banks, etc will electronically submit our information directly to the government and… wait a minute… don’t already do that? So… isn’t it possible all that info could be automatically added to our tax forms via our social security numbers? We could just go online and view our already filled out taxes forms, correct mistakes, add deductions, sign and submit. Instead our taxes take about 2-3 months of dread plus 3 hours of aggravation and we are only about 80% sure they are correct. And really the government already has the answers. They just want to see what we will SAY we owe. Well anyway, glad they are done.

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