The End of the Anti-Diet

paleo_man Not caring much about what I eat for the past month has been pretty nice. The first couple weeks while the scale was out of the bathroom actually went really well. I cooked a lot, ate well, and I didn’t really miss weighing myself. I even dropped a pound. The past couple weeks wasn’t quite so good. I have had a lot more chocolate than a person really needs. Mentally, though, it has been really nice to just forget about it for awhile. However, I don’t want to let loose for too long. It is easy for me to start backsliding to the point where it starts doing real damage.

Todd has been thinking about trying a Paleo-sih diet for awhile now to see how it might affect his performance, energy levels, and the last inch or two around his waist. He found and decided he kinda wants to try it. That could not have come at a more perfect time. We have 22 days left before we leave on vacation so between now and then, starting today, we have challenged ourselves to follow the meal plans at (We will be adding supplemental protein shakes and possibly a little dairy). We have very low discipline when it comes to consistently eating healthy so it will really help to do it together. Wish us luck!

Karen’s starting weight: 142
Todd’s starting weight: 171.5

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