The Experiment

diet-obsession It was weird not stepping on the scale this morning. It used to be right by the shower door. I checked my weight as automatically as I brush my teeth. Now it’s on a shelf in the closet not to be touched until Saturday, April 23rd. I showed the Food Log to Todd. The first thing he said was “You eat too many carbs and not enough protein”. I know he is right. But right now the rice and potatoes are not what gets me in trouble. It is Doritos and Peanut M&Ms. One day I stay clear of carbs entirely and the next day I dive in to a double pepperoni with cheese and breadsticks. The frequent wild swings can’t possibly be good for my health and not fixing it can’t be good for my mental well-being. I just want a few weeks to feel good about all my food choices without worrying too much about the details to see if I can balance it out a bit. I want to be able to stay focused on my performance but still have the mental energy for other things like excelling at work and projects around our home, If I can make a more balanced diet a habit then I can tweak the details from there.

The updated and cleaned up the food log I will use for these two weeks is here: The Food Log.

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