The Goals I Have Not Yet Met From Round 1

Day25_running In the first 12 weeks I also learned that if I try to do meet every goal at the same time some goals fall by the wayside. Here are goals I have not yet met from Round 1:

1. 10 dead hang pull-ups. See post.
2. Run a 5k in 7:30s. See post.
3. Organize my office. See post.
4. Stain trim and doors in basement. See post.
5. The Cat Room. See post.
6. Destinos episodes and workbook. See post.
7. Finish reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective Living. See post.

As for the ‘Excel At Work’ goal I suppose I will find out during my performance review. Originally I had planned to kick butt on an application team but I was pulled off that assignment on to something else. So I need to re-evaluate this one and set new goals.

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