The Goals I Met From Round 1

I learned a lot In the first 12 weeks. For one thing I learned that it will take me a lot longer that 12 weeks to meet my goals. I did reach some though. Here are the goals I managed to achieve from Round 1:

1. Lost 20 pounds. See post.
2. Completed the entire Body For LIfe Challenge. Finally! See post.
3. 25 military push ups in a row. See post.
4. All the clothes I put aside now fit! See post.
5. The junk drawers in the kitchen? Done! See post.





6. The disaster of an entry way? Done for now… See post.




7. The basement was ready to watch The Super Bowl. See post.
8. Finished my taxes by the end of February. See post.

Last minute additions:
9. Hike Mount Sanitas every day in the last week. Did that. See post.
10. Make the Flatirons CrossFit Affiliate Cup Team. Did that. See post

Tomorrow I will post the goals I have not yet met.

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