The woman on the ship

I heard two amazing and inspiring stories this week. First…

afghan_children_poorMy cousin Andrea is on a Semester at Sea. She met an elderly woman who had saved money for five years to make the trip with her husband and deliver crafts to underprivileged children around the world. She asked Andrea to deliver a few items in Brazil. But Andrea asked why she doesn’t delivering them herself? She replied that her husband had died a few months ago and she was living off his pension. She couldn’t afford to make the whole trip and would not get to see the children in person.

Andrea was so upset by this story she talked to the Dean of Students and purchased the trips into the cities for the woman so that she will now be able to deliver the gifts in person. Not only that but they started a fund raiser for other lifelong learners on their ship to allow them to visit more cities around the world as well. What an impact such a small gesture will make on the lives of that woman and the others on the trip as well as the children that get to meet her! So proud of you Andrea!

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