Weightlifting for flexibility?

overheadsquatWith all the holiday fun I am still making time for CrossFit. On Tuesday I found my 1 rep max on overhead squat, a lift I really wanted to improve on. Last time I did it was in April. I tried 85 pounds and fell flat on my butt. Tuesday I did 105# without too much difficulty. Yes! It wasn’t strength that made me fall before. It was flexibility and balance. When I get in a squat position with no weight, my heels on the ground, and my back totally straight, I have to fight not to fall over backwards. Putting my arms straight over my head makes it worse. I always used to think that people who lifted weights just wanted bigger muscles or to be better at sports. When someone mentioned wanting better flexibility or balance lifting weights was never the first thing that came to mind. I usually thought of yoga. But overhead squats require an incredible amount of balance and flexibility in your arms, legs, hips, and ankles. I bet people who are really good at overhead squat have no problems doing downward facing dog. I still can’t do it with my heels flat on the ground or my back all the way straight. But some day.downward-facing-dog

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