What I ate yesterday…

Day: 4
Weigh-in: 141

pizzaThe first 5 pounds is already almost gone. That is pretty normal when you have been eating as much as I was. The first few days is the easy part. The hard part is continuing to press on when the weight stops melting off so easily and my resolve starts to fade. I am hoping that not depriving myself will make it easier. In fact, my friends in Paleo would probably be appalled with what I have been eating on this ‘diet’ so far. Let’s find out. Here is what I ate yesterday:

  1 link Chicken Feta Sausage from US Wellness
  1 large Egg
  1 x 10in Mission Whole Wheat Tortilla
  2 T Salsa
  2 Cuties
  3/4 C Go Lean Crunch Berry
  1 C Milk – skim
  4 x 2" squares Pizza
  1 small Apple
  2 T Cool Whip
  1 C Broccoli
  1 C Cauliflower
  2 T Hidden Valley Ranch dip
  2 T Hummus
  3 Seasoned Rye Krisp
  28 Almonds
  1 scoop Amp whey protein
  4 x 2" squares Pizza
  2 Cuties
  1 Banana

Leftover pizza is not part of a health food diet. But I have another goal in mind to make due with what I have available. And what I happen to have available at the moment is leftover pizza from that party. Luckily it is homemade so it isn’t overly greasy or covered in 2 inches of cheese and pepperoni or anything. And once it is gone I can replace it with something higher in protein. Time to defrost the chili!

Only Day 4 and I already feel sooo much better. My energy level is way up. Too much actually. I need an outlet. Time to go for a run!

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