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Day 61: 2010 Oscar for Best Documentary -The Cove

Day38_LouiePsihoyos During Week 6, I featured Louie Psihoyos, the director of a documentary called The Cove. Psihoyos, who is based in Boulder, gave a talk at a local scuba shop shortly after Todd and I had seen his movie on the plane ride home from Bonaire. See feature here. 

The Cove just won an Academy Award for Best Documentary! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. I never used to be crazy about documentaries in general but either they are growing on me or they are just getting better.

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Day 32: Louie Psihoyos Inspires Me

Louie Psihoyos, photographer and now filmmaker, set out to demonstrate how the actions of a few people in a small place can have a devastating impact on people all over the world if the world is not aware.


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Day 25: Bob Hentzen Inspires Me

“I am not trying to make a statement.
I just want poor people to know someone loves them on their own terms.
I want them to know they are not alone.”
– Bob HentzenDay31_walk

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Day 11: Haiti Rescue Effort Inspires Me

This week’s feature includes all the people involved in the rescue of Haiti from the destruction caused by last week’s earthquake. We will hear amazing stories about the heroes involved in this effort but there are others I am sure we will never know of.


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Day 4: People who inspire me: Deb Rodriguez

This week’s featured amazing person is The Beautician: Deb Rodriguez. What does a beautician have to offer women in Afghanistan who cannot show their face in public?


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People who inspire me: Geoff Tabin

Each week I will feature an amazing person I have read or heard about. The feature this week is Dr. Extreme:  Geoff Tabin. You won’t believe what he does! Check it out!


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