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Day 7: Hike to Royal Arch

Days to Colorado CrossFit Open: 13

For today’s workout a small group of us hiked Royal Arch. Most of the trail is in the shade and is surrounded by bright green growth. A few summers ago I made that trek before work a couple times a week just as the sun was rising. I saw many more deer than people. I would get to the top in about 45 minutes, enjoy the view by myself for awhile, maybe read a little, and get back down in about 20 minutes. This very peaceful morning workout made it one of my favorite local hikes. Then a kid was almost carried off by a mountain lion nearby and that was the end of sunrise hikes by myself up Royal Arch.

At 10:00am on a Saturday, I was prepared for the trail to be a bit crowded. That was tolerable. I was not, however, prepared to stand in line to see the view at the top. The arch was like a crowded subway, everyone crawling all over each other for a better place to stand. Definitely not the peace and quiet I was used to. Luckily, we had a fun group of people which made the hike still worthwhile.

After the hike was the annual Flatirons CrossFit Barbecue. I started off pretty well sticking to the diet. Ate mostly meat and vegetables. Even margaritas there and later at West End Tavern were not too terrible. It was when I got back home and went out for Mexican food that the diet went south. I ordered the chicken tortilla soup which at this place is paleo-friendly. Without tortilla strips and cheese it is basically just chicken, green chilies, tomatoes, and avocado in broth. Very delicious. However, I didn’t stop with the soup this time. i dug into that basket of tortilla chips like it was the last meal of my life. And one stop at 7-Eleven later I found myself enjoying a Kit Kat for dessert. Oh well. No big deal. Back on track tomorrow.

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