Affiliate Cup Teams Workout at FRCF

Yesterday Front Range CrossFit generously hosted a workout for the Affiliate Cup Teams from Colorado going to California. The workout:

FRCFFour stations:
20 wall balls at a 10’ target (14# for girls, 20# for boys)
15 kipping pull ups
10 snatches (75# for girls, ??? for boys)
5 deadlift singles (165# for girls, ??? for boys) each rep followed by 2 jumps over a stick (20” for girls, 24” for boys)

2 men and 2 women form one team. Each person from the team starts at one station. When the clock starts everyone does a set at their station. After all four people finish at their station the team rotates. This continues until everyone on the team has done every station 3 times. My only sticking point was snatch. My technique is so lacking I ended up pressing most of them. A lift like that is a lot more work for you arms than it would be for your legs if they were done correctly. That is one thing I definitely need to work on between now and July.

It was such a relief when it was over. I was chatting with the owner of the gym, Skip, about what a great workout it had been when he cracked a smile and announced “We are going to do that again”.  I laughed and laughed. And then he said, “No, I’m serious”. After a ten minute break he had us go through a single rotation one more time as fast as we could. It was an incredible test of mental focus to think I was done with something so strenuous and then have to get up and  do it again. I failed this mental test miserably on the wall balls when my 1 set of 20 turned into 1 set of 10 and 2 sets of 5. I dropped the ball twice, both literally and figuratively. I feel motivated to make sure that doesn’t happen again. Nothing feels worse than going through all that hard work and knowing at the end that you could have done better.

Here is a great video of North Central Regionals:

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  1. Amy Said,

    May 30, 2010 @ 3:04 pm

    Just a word of caution from someone who has been down this road of picking apart my workout performance in a blog – be careful not to focus too much on the one thing you could have done better when overall you did great. I know exactly how you feel, but if you’re always saying you could have done better with just a little more effort, you’ll end up exhausted and frustrated. Every time we go into a WOD, we’re giving it our best effort in that moment. Doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to focus in and improve, but you can get in your head too much and end up feeling bad no matter what you do. You’re so good and so motivated, I’d hate to see it happen to you!

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