beefaroni I was grocery shopping the other day and one of the aisles had a little speaker in it that was playing an ad for Beefaroni. The point of the ad was to let moms know that it is made with whole grains making it a healthy choice for kids. Serious? That is so ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Beefaroni. Personally, I prefer the Mini Raviolis but it’s basically the same stuff.

I just found it kinda funny that Beefaroni was being marketed as health food for kids. In the frozen foods section I was waiting for a voice to tell me that ice cream is a great choice for breakfast because it contains milk. Call it what it is. When you eat ice cream it is not because you want to nourish your body its cause you like the taste. It feeds your soul. When you eat a lot of unhealthy food you are simply choosing to satisfy an urge and not to optimize your health. If I decide to have macaroni and cheese for dinner I am not going to kid myself that the whole grains in the noodles are going to counter the pool of melted processed cheese powder and butter they are swimming in. I think it is better to know exactly why you eat something and not get the purpose mixed up like that.

We did a good job of this yesterday. We came across a couple recipes on our meal plan that we did not really enjoy. They satisfied the hunger and the nutrition but definitely not the desire for yummy food. But our priority right now is eating better. So at the moment its just fuel. That mindset made it easier to just go ahead and eat it instead of heading to Smash burger. We’ll get our flex day soon enough. No need to spend it on Day 3.

Day 4
Todd: 169
Karen: 139

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