Day 10: The Dessert Table and The Food Feuds

THE DESSERT TABLE: I passed a major test on Day 10. A party with a dessert table bigger than the food table. Three kinds of cake. Six kinds of cookies. Ugh! White chocolate macadamia nut. Just a bite?

No not just a bite. Not ready to open the flood gates yet. I’ll have my first cheat on Halloween after all 30 days without sugar, grains, and dairy first.

Interestingly I enjoyed the party more by abstaining. I celebrated my friends’ engagement and didn’t leave feeling like it was a setback. Yay! An article I read called it ‘urge surfing’. Recognize the signs. Ride the wave. Don’t fall off. Let it fizzle out and enjoy the success!

THE FOOD FEUDS: My workout on Day 10 was a quick run and then a bike ride to the gym. I wasn’t there for CrossFit though. I signed up for Food Feuds! Instead of having your typical nutrition challenge, NoCoast decided we should play Iron Chef instead.

We cook one meal that follows Zone each week for three weeks. Each week has a theme: 1. International, 2. Use pumpkin in a recipe, 3. Chef’s Choice. We judge each other based on taste, presentation, and creativity.  We all get a bunch of delicious food every week and whoever cooks the highest rated meal wins a third of the pot. Wish me luck!

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