Day 11: CrossFit Games. Pause Goal 2.

games2011_safetytest_landscapeThe CrossFit Games are starting. Goal 2 is really about making better use of free time so I definitely am not dropping it. But the first step towards that end  was to stay away from TV and videos during the week for the next month. No way I’m doing that this weekend. The Games are starting and they are streaming live. And with our gym owner and trusted coach in the running for the title of the Fittest Athlete in the World I plan to follow all of it. Personally for me it qualifies as a great use of free time and major motivating factor so I am making the exception.

The fun starts today. They surprised the athletes yesterday with an announcement that they will have to take a swim test today to demonstrate their competency in the water. That can only mean that some kind of activity in the pool will be part of the events. Who knows though. It could be treading water. Retrieving objects from the bottom or moving them from one side to the other. Other stuff you might need to do in a water rescue, maybe? They tend to be pretty creative. Could be just swimming laps though which is hard enough by itself. We shall see.

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