Day 18: Goals update: Goal 1

balanceLess than a week left on my 24 day challenge but aside from the Advocare vitamins (which I will soon run out of) I am going to keep on going through to the end of August. I am on a nice slow roll but I am not done yet:

Starting weight: 146
Current weight: 142
Goal weight: 135-137

I didn’t plan to even have a goal weight. I just wanted to feel better – which I do. But as it turns out I feel even better knowing I am approaching a measurable goal. That’s probably one of the main reasons I like CrossFit. A lot of people automatically want to tell me I don’t need to lose weight. That is probably true. I don’t need to do CrossFit either, or ride my bike, or be outside in general. But I enjoy life better when I am striving to reach my full potential at something. Right now I can’t improve my performance with difficult workouts so I am doing what I can to prepare myself for hard work later including resting and getting rid of extra weight I don’t need. And if you think I have nothing to lose let me know and I will send you a photo. Hahaha.

It’s funny. Sometimes it seems like the closer we get to being successful with difficult goals, the closer we get to obsession. There seems to be a very fine line between an obsession with the potential to turn into something amazing and one that is horribly destructive. Last year I ventured way over to the right side of that line and since then I have been hanging out a little too far to the left. With some practice and a little caution I am hoping to slowly make my way to a happy, well-balanced, non-destructive middle ground.

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