Volunteer Work for Fourmile Fire

volunteer Tonight was not exactly fun. When I called Boulder Fire to find out what I could do to help I was hoping to be sent up into the mountains to do manual labor. Instead the immediate need was to sort through donations. Sigh. Well, I wanted to help and that was the current need. So whatever, I went.

In a big empty room they had set up cafeteria tables covered with piles of clothes that needed to be sorted for age, gender, size, and season. That would have been no problem. However, the woman running the show had obviously had a very stressful day and was barking orders like we were in prison. Yeah, the environment was a little stressful. The kid pounding on boxes like a drum set plus the girl screeching out the first 16 notes of the only song she knew on a donated violin did not help.

Then there was the clothes. What on earth would possess a person to donate their old used underwear? Are you serious? Not even someone who had NEVER had a home would wear old used underwear much less someone who just lost a house around here. Made me want to wear gloves while going through those boxes. Tip: Donate stuff that you would not be embarrassed to give to your friends and family members. Donating shirts with stains on them and snagged sweaters from the 70s with missing buttons is like donating garbage. Not only kind of gross but also a nuisance to whoever has to sort through that crap.

Anyway, all that said, I am actually still really glad I did it. I guess sometimes you have to just suck it up and do what needs to be done, ya know?

PR’d on Front Squat today! 175#

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