Day 4: The Much Needed Rest Day

Days to Colorado CrossFit Open: 16

I forced myself to take a full day off yesterday. All day I fought the urge to go for a run, do push ups, anything. But I made it through the day. No CrossFit, no volleyball, no mountain biking, nothing. I hated it. But I know it is necessary. I used to love rest days. Now a day off feels like a missed chance for a major breakthrough. I know I need them though so finally taking one was an accomplishment.

I went to my cousin Andrea’s new apartment to have dinner with her, her roommate Brooke and their friend Kenny who turned out to be way more disciplined than I am with the health food stuff. The guy had lost over 70 pounds since high school! Always inspiring to hear a good success story. Since they were all eating healthy too it was easy to stick to the plan.

Our dinner: Rotisserie chicken and Mediterranean salad.

For this salad: Romaine lettuce, Broccoli,Tomatoes, Avocado, Olives Feta cheese (not allowed by Paleo so I just didn’t take any). I ate my salad with just salt and pepper. Plenty flavorful with all that stuff in it. For protein we ate rotisserie chicken (without the skin, of course). For dessert I ate a peach.

I had been missing the taste of ice cream all day but when we decided to go sit in the hot tub and I was able to borrow Andrea’s bikini (she’s 19) I suddenly I forgot all about the sweets. Bring on the salad!

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