Days 13-15: Path around the house

LANDSCAPE: Path around the house
The flagstone path on the North side is going back in. The top will have the same pieces as the beautiful path my friends built for me before but it will now be strengthened and reinforced. Same path, better structure and foundation. An upgraded version without teetering pieces and weeds in the cracks.

On the south side there was no path. But there will be.


TRAINING: Finally getting back to training more consistently. Same training as before (which means never a dull moment with CrossFit) but building myself up slowly this time so I won’t come apart at the cracks. Same path, better structure and foundation. An upgraded version of the same me. My diet is also still in order. Last I made these fruited chicken thighs off the Paleo Meal Plan website. Mmmm.

Fruited Chicken Thighs

My issue is always consistency. One minute I am super-strict and the next I am in line at Smashburger. So far it has been 15 days since I last stuffed my face with fast food and Dairy Queen… and counting. But I haven’t been militant. I eat when I feel hungry, enjoy some chips and salsa from time to time, and in fact have eaten a little bit of chocolate every single day.

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