Days To Turkey Challenge: 5

Goal 1: The Run

run My fastest 5k ever was 23:37. Mostly I just want to see if I can beat that time this weekend. But that was at sea level, it was completely flat, and I had been training for that race for 2 months. In this case I have run less than 10 times in the past 3 months. The air will be thinner and colder and more dry. And this loop goes steeply downhill for about a mile and the rest of it is back uphill. The other day I ran as fast as I could and my time was 23:45. Ooo. So close. But sadly, I started and ended in the street. If we start and end in the gym that adds at least 15 seconds. I am hoping the excitement of race day will make me go a little faster up that long long hill.

Anything under 24:00 would be okay
23:36 would beat my fastest 5k ever
23:30 is the goal I have in mind
23:18 is 7:30 per mile and was the New Year’s Resolution I set before I got distracted by CrossFit. Highly unlikely but not ruled out.

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