Everyone’s In

open_logo Our first official workout of the Reebok CrossFit Games Open is going to happen this Saturday. Our gym has been invited to another gym in Denver called CrossFit Verve which should be fun. So far our gym has registered 53 participants. More than 20% of all its members. Why not? Its only $10 bucks for 6 workouts we would probably be doing anyway. Our team is huge. Nice to have all that support. Last night there were about 15 people in class and the coach said “Everyone participating in the competition go to one side and the rest go to the other”. The only ones on the “other” side were a girl trying to get pregnant, a girl with a broken arm, and a guy who just started. Even Todd signed up and he’s only been doing CrossFit now for just over 4 months at about 3 days per week. Everyone is curious to know how they are doing compared to the rest of the CrossFit world. Should be interesting.

Day: 12
Weight: 139

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