Further evidence that visualization works

thrusters I have further evidence that visualization works. Yesterday I imagined myself eating far more food for dinner than I really needed and then that is exactly what I did. I ate until I was stuffed. Just to experiment with it, today I am going to spend a few minutes before meal times imagining myself making all the right choices and the receiving the benefits from it during the workout later before I eat. The workout itself today will be another great opportunity to practice this technique. For months I have maintained that I don’t feel quite as strong as I was at the end of last summer. Today is my chance to overcome those negative thoughts and prove it is not true. I did today’s exact workout in 4:42 at the end of last summer while I felt like I was performing at my best.

Thrusters @ 65
Pull ups
Time last summer: 4:42
Time today: ?

Day: 9
Weigh-in: 140.5

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