Great job this weekend MBS! Here are some team highlights!

What… happened… (ugh). I was on vacation for 9 days and came straight home to a 3 day CrossFit competition that we have been using as a source of motivation for our workouts since January. Suddenly they are both over and I feel like I got hit by a truck.

The team worked hard this weekend but ended up 9th of 27. You had to finish top 3 to go to California and we wanted one of those 3 spots We fought for it but other teams did better. Simple as that. What made the weekend great is that we still remembered to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our victories. And now whoever wants it has a new source of motivation for the upcoming year.

team_croppedandbrightTeam highlights:

1. Rob and Rich who both have told me they hate rowing cranked out their 750 meter rows at around 1:40/500m pace and then did 21 handstand pushups a piece. I knew Rob was good at rowing but had never seen Rich go quite that fast. I knew Rich was great at handstand pushups but didn’t know Rob was right there with him. Very fun to watch.

2. Getting to do a workout in a 21-15-9 rep scheme with only heavy dead lifts and box jumps. No push ups. No Olympic lifts. Just two simple things in one of my favorite formats. Awesome.

3. Being in 13th place and finding out 30 seconds before the last event on Saturday that we had to be in 10th to move on to Sunday. Leah did more chest to bar pull ups than most guys could ever hope for (like 30 at a time or so). MJ did around 200 of 250 double-unders with only 1 break. Johanna absolutely crushed both the kettle bell swings and the overhead squats maintaining incredible form. (Soooo jealous!) And the result was that we stole that last spot at the last minute!

4. Watching Leah do muscle ups faster and better than nearly any female in any region around the world. I’m pretty sure on a fresh day she could crank out about 10 or 11 unbroken in under a minute.

5. Climbing our way back to 9th place in the Southwest region was something for our team to be proud of. Great job team!!!

6. Sitting in the stands with the 50 or so people from MBS who drove all the way across town to sit in 90 degree weather and support us and our fearless and amazing leaders from the individual competition, Dan, Sean, and of course Pat who walked away with 1st place in the region and will go to California to compete for the $250,000 grand prize and title of The Fittest Man on Earth!

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