Mother’s Day Is My Day Off

deadlift Happy Mother’s Day all you mothers!

I am not a mom but I still plan to have a nice day. I am finally taking a day off from working out – mostly because our gym is closed but also because I promised myself I would not run myself into the ground like last time. Seven days of CrossFit in a row is a lot. Compared to Friday’s workout, yesterday’s was not unbearable (although still ridiculously hard as always):

8 rounds for time of:
4 dead lifts @ 195# for girls / 300# for boys
150 meter “sprint”

The word “sprint” is in quotes because after a few rounds it is not much like a sprint anymore. However, I did get a sudden burst of energy on the last one knowing I was almost finished. That happens a lot.

Anyway, I was happy to be able to keep up with a few of our more elite boys on this one (they are really amazing so that almost never happens) but it isn’t really a fair comparison. They had a lot more weight to handle. I am willing to bet they were closer percentage wise to their 1 rep max than I was.  In retrospect, knowing I can handle 195, I probably should have tried 205. Next time…

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