New Year’s Eve: Crashing the party

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Yesterday I had my doubts about whether it would start out that way. I am usually inspired to pursue a long list of resolutions by New Years Eve. But yesterday morning I didn’t feel inspired by anything. We wiped ourselves out all month and our original plan was to stay home. But going to bed early seemed like the wrong way to start 2012. You know, with the Apocalypse right around the corner and all that.

At the last minute we called my aunt and uncle and invited ourselves to their party. When it comes to entertaining, they never disappoint. It wasn’t long before I was inspired to make my first resolution for this year: To exploring the unknown. To do things I’ve never done and go places I’ve never gone. And to search for adventure where I might never have looked before…

A nursing home, for instance. Never thought I’d be crashing a private party at a nursing home on New Year’s Eve. Oh man. Hilarious! Ever watched 90 year olds who can barely get out of a chair shake their groove thang? What a riot! One gentleman was a real lady killer. He would scan the room before each song and finally point at some lucky lady to join him on the dance floor. Hahaha.

Here is my talented Aunt Debbie singing with her band at Arvada Estates Independent Senior Living


Debbie’s hands working the piano:

At first I thought this guy was just shuffling his way back to his room after a short serenade. But look closer…

After the party we headed back to Uncle Edward’s house to play cards. Stayed up just late enough to watch the ball drop on Times Square and kiss my sweetheart goodnight. 2012 is going to be a good year.

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