Resolution 5: A Peaceful Diet

SerenityTwo years ago when I started this blog I weighed 157 and went on a mission to hit 130 by the end of March. After reaching that goal I stabilized at 135 for most of 2010. Towards the end of the year I crept back up to 143 and stayed at that weight for most of 2011. After two months of inactivity and poor eating habits I am now 146.

Strangely, I don’t have the same level of emotional turmoil I usually do about weight. This morning I went to Bikram Yoga, my first workout of any kind in 7 weeks. I found out that staring at yourself in a mirror with few clothes on for 90 minutes is the perfect motivation for a better diet. But at the same time I feel at peace about where I am now – more so than in years (even though it isn’t ideal that most of my pants are too tight – heh heh).

My thoughts this morning were more practical. I was looking at my body the same way I look at my hair when it needs a haircut. I don’t stress out. I just get it cut. My body is looking just a little rough around the edges and it is time for a trim. No need to go militant. Just need to clean it up, be consistent, and I should have no trouble reaching my weight goal of 137. Just 8 pounds.

Piece of cake – so to speak.

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