Rough day at work

roughdayatofficeHaving a little bit too much work to do is not something I should complain about. It could be so much worse. It wasn’t nearly as rough as this guy’s day at work was, for example. (He lived, BTW. The bull just got him in the shoulder and probably ended up having a worse day than his injured opponent.) Still, there is a lot to do in not very much time. And right in the middle of discussing it in a conference call the power went out in my area. Luckily it came back on or I would have missed my first deadline at 3:00. My next one is Friday. I have so much to cover by then it is a little stressful but since I probably won’t be able to sleep very well I should be able to meet that one too. Sigh.

Since I couldn’t go to CrossFit in the morning I had to make a tough call and skip volleyball to go in the evening. Because of the upcoming competition I promised myself for at least the next 5 weeks that CrossFit would take the priority. It worked out better for work too because I was home by 6:30 and got a bunch more done in the evening. I miss volleyball already but it will still be there later in the summer. The progress I have made in my workouts went up dramatically after I stopped playing volleyball five times a week so its worth it.

The workout:

30 push presses at 65# (95# for boys)
30 burpees
30 toes to bar
30 wall balls at 10’ target at 14# (20# for boys)
30 calories on the rower

Time: 9:17

I do have feelings of wishing I could do every workout over again. In this case I wasn’t happy with my push presses. I went as fast as I possibly could but sometimes don’t get my arms all the way straight and my head out in front. I should have slowed it down just a few seconds and made sure I was doing them right. I still need to work on depth on the wall balls too. It isn’t good to reinforce bad form. But no need to dwell on it. Just something for me to think about next time around I guess.

Days left to CrossFit Games: 31

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