The Girls Playing Ball

After work yesterday, I played volleyball with a few of the girls. I have not played doubles in a few months and I missed my girls! The resolution on these pictures is pretty poor so I may try to take better pics next week.

Here is Tori back to serve.

Tori is not too much taller than I am yet is a way better blocker. She has Impeccable timing up at the net. She also has a mean cut shot.

People who don’t know Miki tend to serve her a lot because of her size. That usually ends up being a mistake. She is adorable. Always smiling and giggling as she inevitably digs your best hits and then puts the ball wherever you cannot get to it.


When she made it into the top 4 at one of the Queen of the Beach tournaments someone called her ‘the sweetest little thing to ever kick my butt’. Her defense is outstanding and it is impossible to read her shots.


Ashley is the tall athletic blondie of the group. For some reason when I play with Ashley we cannot stop laughing long enough to catch our breath. She just has that effect on people and it makes her fun to play with…
AshleyHits…that and the fact that she can beat the crap out of the ball. It is hard to get by her block and she also has a killer serve. Look how high her arm is over the net!

Speaking of laughing constantly, this is Liz blocking a ball that Ashley just hit. Liz is fearless and probably has more energy than anyone I know. Before I knew her last name I had her in my phone as Crazy Liz.

Get her in the right mood and she will crack jokes constantly. She has a great all around game and is a blast to play with.

The last few sessions of doubles before I took a break for CrossFit stuff I played with Michelle. We have great chemistry on the court and had a really fun time playing together. We will definitely play again.

Great hits, great sets, and an evil cross court shot that gets us every time.


Then, of course, there is me. Here I am serving, hitting, and going for a dig.


Tori won this joust against Ashley. Not an easy thing to do.


Michelle delivered a great set to me as usual.


Tori and Ashley posed for the camera.

It is really nice to play with a group of girls that are so fiercely competitive yet constantly crack me up. Anyway, right after our two hours of women’s doubles was up we raised the nets to men’s height and I played another 2 hours of co-ed 4s. It is good to be back.

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