The Power of Positive Thinking

thethinker Yesterday at CrossFit we did an experiment. We ran one mile. Then we spent time visualizing running another mile. And then we actually ran another mile. The goal was to focus positive energy towards better performance. It is easy to defeat yourself with negative thinking before you start so why shouldn’t the opposite be true? My first mile took 9 minutes. My second took 7:25. There are lots of reasons. The main one is that I tried harder. But the fact is that I only tried harder because I first decided to. Before the first mile I was thinking about how tired I was and how much more work we left had to do. Before the second mile I totally forgot about my aching legs, the workout planned for later, the steep hill climb. I was only thinking about running as fast as I could. Not hard to imagine how the second mile was so much faster. Doing that regularly seems like something that could make a big difference with minimal effort. Totally worth a try this week.

Day: 8
Weigh-in: 139.5

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