The Walk

Day: 3
Weigh-in: 141.5

boulder_chautauqua_park_entrance Yesterday I decided to go for a walk. Every couple months since she was nine my cousin Andrea (now 20) and I have gotten together to catch up on life. Our idea for last night was to go to Chautauqua and walk the loop. Up the hill, across the mesa, and back down. Nice place for a chat. Then I saw the weather. 27 degrees. Icy. Likely to get even colder after work. All day I wondered if it would be better to stay inside. But where is the adventure in that? When I was a kid I couldn’t WAIT to get outside regardless of the weather. So we bundled up and went anyway.

It was beautiful out there. A little frost on the trees and barely snowing. Dressed properly, we weren’t even cold. It made me wonder why I don’t spend just as much time outside in the winter as I do in the summer. When we got to the end of the mesa we were enjoying ourselves so much that we extended our trip by walking part way up the mountain. If it weren’t for a bit of hunger and pending darkness we probably would have stayed out there longer. I am now resolved to not let the weather keep me from going outside on a regular basis. For a walk, for a run, for a picnic in the park. Why not?

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