Ugly Christmas Sweaters Everywhere

I need to either make or buy an ugly Christmas sweater for next year. I had heard of ugly Christmas sweater parties before but the idea seems to have exploded this year. Even our gym had an Ugly Christmas Sweater workout yesterday. The gym owners, Patrick and Janelle had the right idea with their sleeveless sweater vests.

Even their dog Gracie worked out in an ugly sweater:

Sam lost a bet at the girl’s Christmas party so her outfit for the workout had already been chosen for her. A lovely red Christmas bra.

Not many people chose to actually workout in a sweater though. One guy in our class sucked it up and put on a full sleeve hideous pink sweater for the whole workout. Good for him! We are supposed to be tough! None of this ‘oh, but i might get too hot’ stuff.  Next year, I am totally in.

Anyway, the workout we did was this:

The 12 Days of Christmas:

12 Rounds For Time executed just like the song:
1 Handstand Push Up
2 KB Snatch – 53lbs(boys)/35lbs(girls)
3 Wall Balls – 20lbs/14/lbs at 12 foot target
4 Box Jumps – 32”/24”
5 Thrusters – 75lbs
6 Air Squats
7 Abmat Sit ups
8 Ball Slams – 40lbs/30lbs
9 Double Unders
10 Pull ups
11 Squat Cleans – 115lbs/75lbs
12 Burpee wall jumps

Explanation: The first round is just 1 handstand push up. The second round is 2 KB snatches and 1 handstand push up. The third round is 3 wall balls… and so on. Just like the song.

Very fun workout but I just now realized I was supposed to have used the 14# wall ball and only used the 10#. SHOOT! I HATE when that happens. All that work only to find out that I short changed myself. Grrr. Moral of the story: Pay attention.

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