Competitive Dining

After a few hours of volleyball the girls and I (and Sam, of course) went out for Thai food. Christina and Miki who are both thin as rails played a game of who can order and eat the most food. It started with soup, salad, and a chicken appetizer. Then came full plate of tempura. By the time dinner came I was already full. Yet those two tiny girls continued to put it down. Look at the portions at this place. This is sold as one entree but could feed a family:

dinner_fixed Notice the spoon on the right. You could easily fit two of them end-to-end across the width of this plate. Next time you have dinner put your spoon across your plate and you will understand how huge these dinners are. That is not a plate it’s a platter. Christina (who ranks among the best women’s doubles beach volleyball players in Colorado) almost finished one of these gigantic plates covered edge to edge stacked two levels high with battered and fried strips of pork. Very impressive.

christinahides_fixed christina_fixed

When the fortune cookies came new games emerged. The first was to try to pronounce the “Learn Chinese” words on the back of our fortunes and have Christina, who speaks some Chinese, guess what we were trying to say. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard. We were terrible. At one point she said it sounded more like French.

When we were bored with that Sam started a game of basketball using pieces of the fortune cookies as the ball and our water glasses as the hoop. He is really good at it. Me… not so much. One of my shots almost landed in Christina’s purse.  I came closer when I started using orange peels but still no luck.

BTW – Don’t worry, we had our fun but the rest of the place was empty and we did not leave a huge mess for the waitress so we weren’t completely obnoxious.

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