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Day 1: …Get Fit… The Ambush

workoutAfter 2 months of persistent illness and zero exercise, I was ambushed at CrossFit this morning by the entire SWAT team for the City of Boulder. They had come for a hellish workout called Fight Gone Bad: one min at each of 5 stations, 3 rounds for max repetitions. Words cannot do justice to the suffering. I volunteered to take pictures but alas, I was roped into the mess.  See What is CrossFit? for more info.

Here are a few of my fitness goals:

Pullups (dead hang): 10
     Previous best: 7
     Current: 2

Pushups (military): 25
     Previous best: 15
     Current: 8

Run a 5k race (at altitude): 7:30/mile 
     Previous best: 7:46/mile
     Current: 8:50/mile

DEADLINE: March 31st

Any other suggestions?

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