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Finally… the official before and after photo from 2010

bfl-logoThe craziest thing happened yesterday. I received a message from a couple asking for pointers on how to be successful in the Body For Life challenge. Here is the kicker: They found me on the Body For Life website! Uh… what? I’m on their website? Sheesh! A year later and nobody ever told me!

Well, back when I finished the challenge I promised that if I was a finalist that I would post my official before and after photo. But they didn’t announce finalists last year for some reason. Only the grand prize winners. So I never knew! I tried to get up the courage to post them anyway but I never did. The most I could handle was posting a photo from the waist up in a sports bra.

Well, now that I know the photos have been publicly available over a year now I guess it wouldn’t hurt any worse to share them here. Hopefully I can use it as motivation to stick to my diet while I can’t work out!

So… here they are:

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