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The little things

Yesterday was one of those days. The X-rays of my knee and shoulder are not great and I was told not to bother going to physical therapy for awhile. (More on that tomorrow). For most of the day I had very fine and elusive eyelash poking me in the eye. And my quad would not stop twitching! Grrr. I broke all my tests at work and almost lost a file containing a year’s worth of information I have accumulated to get my job done.


At the end of the day I was on my fourth hour of dealing with one issue and really feeling sorry for myself when in walks Todd with dinner and a bouquet of flowers. Within a half hour, I got the eyelash out, my leg stopped twitching and I fixed my tests. Support from people who care about you and a little positive thinking works like magic. Thanks, Todd, for turning a crappy day into one worth remembering. Smile

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